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ME-1B  & ME-1L

The universal hazard light system for motorbikes and scooters



Hazard lights, four-way flashers, warning lights, four direction indicators, emergency flashers,

whatever you want to call it, the  ME-1B or ME-1L unit is what you need !

It can be installed on any 12 volt bike, scooter or old timer car in minutes.

The new ME-1L has now build in an extra connection to feed a super bright LED or a piezzo buzzer (max 1 Amp)

So when using a  piezzo buzzer (not included ) it will sound when using your indicators left or right or as hazard lights.

The ME-1B will probably be replaced completely by the new ME-1L after a little while.

NO holes to drill, or  having to take your motor bike completely  apart to bring a few wires to the handle bar.

NO risk of damaging the bike's electronics ( when installed as described )

NO extra switch to mount !



        -The ME-1B or the ME-1L is a very small system, size = 64 X 44 X 24 mm. 

              -It enables you to use the standard indicators of your bike as emergency flashers all four simultaneously,

Just activate it by giving signal to the right followed immediately by giving direction to the left.

of course this can be reversed for countries who drive on the opposite side of the road

.             - The ME-1B  can also control LED indicator lights.

              - It is very easy to install.

-High quality components for a life long secure operation.

-A valuable security at the tip of your left thumb, so no searching for any extra switch.

Very cheap compared to the damage you can have  when someone "did not see you" and make you crash .

            Note: (The only bikes the ME-1B or ME-1L cannot be used on, are the bikes with "auto-canceling" of their indicators )


You will say, my bike is not faulty, that it is possible because the current
bikes are of very high quality,

 but are still sometimes sold ​​without this little tool, an "hazard light switch".

Extremely useful if you often end up in traffic jams, driving through a traffic jam is a dangerous thing.

So make sure you stand out among the "cake tins" that   "did not see you...."  if they suddenly come out of the line and "torpedo" you.


As mentioned above there does NOT have an extra switch to be
mounted, the operation is done with the original turn light switch.

 Activation is done through a quick once right signal and then immediately giving signal to the left.

This combination is for country's driving on the right hand side of the road.

For the country's driving on the left side of the road, activation is the other way around.

Switching off the ME-1B or ME-1L hazard lights is done like the ordinary turning indicators.

The device does not consume any current when the hazard lights are not activated.



The connection is very simple there are only four wires
to be connected.

These connections are all 4 wires ( 5 if you use the extra outlet ) connected mostly in to the rear of the bike, at the connector of the indicators.

If you can not install it yourself, better ask your motor bike shop or a skilled friend to install it for you, it takes mostly no more than 15 minutes.

The ME-1B is extremely reliable so I give you a warranty for 5 years,

if installed according the manual, the module comes always delivered with an installation description.

The ME-1B is sealed and all the components are glued together in order to resist shock and moisture.

Link to a video:  ME-1B installed on a Vespa GTS 300 :

One of the ME-1B or ME1L modules comes at 39 Euro plus shipping ( depends a bit on the country).

(The price is for the first time in 19 years changed because of material price changes i am sorry for this)

Payment can only done be by bank transfer, or PayPal, you will receive all the details and my address in an email

What to mention when ordering ?

- Your type of bike , model and year , ( for the manual )

- Your address to send it to.

For further info please contact me,

Have a safe trip

Completely developed and build in Belgium by GELEC since 1998


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